Love's Not What We Do


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Robin Gunns FRW Holy shit … where do I start? Free association: Hand jive variation meets Gil-Scott Heron meets Nicolas Roeg meets Nam Jun Paik meets Max Headroom meets … cold war fear of nuclear holocaust? It's like the world is ending and it's sill the 20th century. But kewl man! Dig it! I always love the dark stuff.
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Music by Jace Everett and Dan Cohen
Lyric an improvisation by Jace Everett


There's no world in which we all get along
There's no world in which we all sing the same simple song
There's no world in which we all drink the same beer
There's just this world where we all face the same fucking fear
And there's no world where we all vote the same
And then there's no world where we all feel free from our chains
There's just this world in which we are all living and dying
Love Might See Us Through
But Love's Not What We Do
There's no world where we all stand arm and arm
Sharing a Coke and a smile
And there's no world where we all give our best
Not to every man and woman and child
There's no world where we all raise the same flag, praise the same God,
Or stick it to the Man
There's just this world that we've made
And we are all a bunch of fuckers
Oh you're being so melodramatic man
Just come back to Earth
I sip a little poison, as I slip into my chains
I'll take as much as I can get;
The cause, the cure, the pain


released February 21, 2017
Jace Everett- Acoustic, percussion, vocals
Dan Cohen- all electric guitars
Kasey Todd- Drums and percussion
James Cook- bass guitar
Jon Hamby- Hammond Organ

Original engineering- Jackson Eppley
Overdubs- Jace Everett
Mixing- Greg Droman
Mastering- Jim Demain at Yes Master

Weston Boys Publishing owns the publishing.
Weston Boys Entertainment owns the recording.



all rights reserved


JACE EVERETT Nashville, Tennessee

Jace Everett, best known as the writer/artist of "Bad Things"-True Blood Theme, has a new record on the horizon.

Dust & Dirt.

It will be here. So should be you.
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